She wanted to be different…

So one day she adorned a cloak as red as Snow White’s lips, and it dragged on the floor behind her.

They laughed at her, and made a mockery of her, and shamed her in the hallways.

All this because they failed to appreciate the beauty in Little Red Riding Hood, and how she so bravely fought against the wolf.



Loving you hurt in every way. It grabbed my heart and shredded it into pieces. It wrapped it’s icy fingers around my neck and pressed harder than it should. It forced me on my knees until they bled.

Loving you… Loving you hurt more than it should. It held me under water until I inhaled the cold liquid. It collided with my cheek until fires burned in my face and I tasted blood in my mouth. It tugged at my hair and pulled out loose strands.

It lingered in my mind even when you were gone. It left bruises in my mind and in my heart. It was the death of me.