La Douleur Exquise

You were rather unfair to me, don’t you think?

The way you waltzed into the depressing routine I called life and ignited the ambers in my heart that had long stopped to glow. The way you often appeared as though you genuinely cared and your affections echoed mine, only for you to act indifferent the next day and shatter my hopes completely.

You were ruthless, don’t you know? 

You pushed me into the abyss of love, of pain and of regret from which I could not escape. I prayed for someone, anyone, to lasso me out of this bottomless pit of emotions. Instead I boomeranged back to you, and you pushed me further into my demise.

Why could you not love me the way I loved you? Why could you not see that you were my media naranja, that we were fated, if not destined to be together. You were seeking love in the wrong places because I was there infront of you, waiting for the day you said you loved me too.

The heart may be a fool, but the mind is not. Thus I know you’ll never love me, and you’ll forever remain my unrequited love.


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